Feb 16 >
Mike returned key
Feb 17 >
All gang runs came in from NW Etch looking good
Feb 18 >
China received parts and sent quotes. Click here to see details.
Jane Singleton emailed and said they may need to keep there 48' trailer at your place. They would pay $25 per month. I have not replied.
Feb 20 >
John Wood is sending Dodge winged hood ornament for restoration
Customer wants quote for Henderson motorcyle waterslides - 2 sets with gold ink.
Almost out of cash for shipping. Contacted Gary & he's gonna get me more. Lots of shipments going out. Yeah!!!
Feb 22 >
Shipped VW clients dies to California
Feb 23 >
Received 2 shipments with 3 orders from AG Backeast. Found all client info and shipped them.
Feb 24 >
Picked-up film from Molly on Thursday and will ship 4 gang runs to NW Etch today
Tommy Ciangi: "I sent $325 for next month and the last 2 months. I'm sorry I've been so busy, I completely forgot. Also I'll have the buses gone next month. Thank you for being patient."
Feb 27 >
Jim Simpson with ODD Part Fabrication in California said he sent you a shipment with various parts. 4 different projects and wanted to confirm that we go them. I have not received anything and he said post office received on Feb 8, before you left. Any clues???
Feb 28 >
eBay message from Chuck:

"Good Evening Jerry,
Shortly, it will be two years since I contracted with you to produce my wings emblems. I have not heard from you lately. I want you to know, in no uncertain terms, that I will visit you soon. Be prepared for my visit. You will have every cent of the money I paid you for my wings, and you will return every cent of it CASH. Your mediocre performance and empty promise has proven to be the biggest mistake of my project, costing me entry in national showing of my completed hotrod.

I will have complete satisfaction.
It will be terrible if you do not return my hard earned cash, just terrible.
See You Soon,

Mar 1 >
Vantage Motors wants a quote for 2 of the plate below, chromed. They are the same people who wanted the Abbott door sills. I've got an 032 brass gang that this could fit on. These guys might be a good source for future jobs. What cost should I tell them?

Mar 2 >
David Diaz sent e-mail requesting his plates back. Did some digging and found his file(s) under the pile. I show correspondence starting in August 2016. I also see credit card info on one of the pages but no order form. Did his card get run? Asked him to be patient until next week and I'll have some answers. Said car is now painted and just waiting on tags. His provided samples are below. Let me know if you can what's up.